AS YOU LIKE IT. 17th, 19th, 20th September.

   The Company                                                                        

Sarah Eve: Malcolm/Witch (Macbeth), Bianca (Shrew), Rosalind (As You Like It).

Ruth Gregson: Duchess of York (Richard III), Old Gobbo/Duke (Merchant of Venice), Antonio (MAAN), Sea Captain/Officer (Twelfth Night), Duncan/Rosse/Witch (Macbeth), Katherina (Shrew), Phebe/William/Lord/Dennis/Page (As You Like It).

Rachael Hunt: Rivers/Duke of York/Lord (Richard III), Nerissa (Merchant of Venice), Hero (MAAN), Lady Macduff/Lennox/Witch/Old Man (Macbeth), Celia (As You Like It).

Helen Katamba: Banquo/Doctor (Macbeth), Petruchio (Shrew), Touchstone (As You Like It).

Steve Longstaffe: Gremio/Biondello/Vincentio/Servant (Shrew), Adam/Audrey (As You Like It)

Alex McCaragher: Silvius/Le Beau/Page/Lord (As You Like It)

Christian Powlesland: Oliver/Amiens (As You Like It)

Jason Robinson: Jaques/Charles the Wrestler (As You Like It)

Sammi Searle: Elizabeth (Richard III), Portia (Merchant of Venice), Anne/Murderer/Catesby (Open Stages Showcase), Director (MAAN), Olivia (Twelfth Night), Director (Macbeth), Tranio/Widow/Servant (Shrew). Director (As You Like It)

Paul Sellwood: Director (Richard III), Antonio/Director (Merchant of Venice), Director (Open Stages Showcase), Benedick (MAAN), Director (Twelfth Night), Macbeth (Macbeth), Hortensio/Servant (Shrew), Duke Senior/Duke Frederick/Corin/Sir Oliver Martext (As You Like It).

Connor Simkins: Orlando (As You Like It).

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